Andover Ramblers

at the heart of walking in North West Hampshire and the Test Valley

What clothing and equipment do I need?

Please wear a pair of stout walking shoes or boots, and have waterproofs and a drink with you. Denim jeans and trainers are not suitable walking attire. The Ramblers website offers excellent practical advice on clothing, equipment and safety. The secret to enjoying walking is being comfortable. In addition to the usual gear, consider bringing along a mat or plastic sheet to sit on at lunchtime.


Walking boots, waterproof jacket with hood, waterproof overtrousers, and a small (20-25L) rucksack containing a packed lunch, a bottle of water (and a thermos flask if you want to take a hot drink), a first aid kit and a whistle.


Wicking (synthetic fibre) shirt, polycotton or synthetic fibre trousers, fleece/pullover, thick synthetic/wool mix socks, liner socks, hat, gloves, gaiters, walking pole(s), sit mat, rucksack liner/black bin bag, sunglasses, sunscreen and insect repellent.


Map, compass, map case, GPS, camera and binoculars.

How do I join in a walk?

Just turn up at the meeting point at the appropriate time and introduce yourself to the walk leader who will look after you.

What if I haven't got a car?

Don't worry, lifts are always available from the meeting point. Passengers are asked to make a voluntary contribution towards the cost of petrol. As a rough guide, if a walk starts up to 20 miles away, give the driver £3. If the start is 21 to 30 miles away, give £4.40, and so on. Don't forget to bring a spare pair of shoes with you to leave in the car so you can change out of your muddy boots at the end of the walk.

Do I need to bring food with me?

Bring a picnic lunch with you. We occasionally stop at a pub at lunchtime, but only for about half an hour.

Why do you only stop at pubs occasionally?

It is left entirely up to walk leaders to decide when and where morning, lunch and afternoon breaks take place. Any member can lead a walk, so if you like pub stops, perhaps you might consider leading the occasional walk.

Who decides where and when the group walks?

The individual members decide where, how far, and on which date they want to lead a walk. They then offer the details to our programme secretary for inclusion in the next walking programme.

Must I walk with the group every week?

No. Members can choose to walk all, most, some or none of the walks in the programme. Many of our members do not walk, choosing instead to support the aims of the Ramblers just by being a member.

Can I walk with other groups and still be a member of the Andover group?

Yes. Members can walk with any Ramblers group at anytime. If you find that the Andover group no longer meets your needs, you can always transfer your membership to another group.


os explorerDo I need to bring a map with me?

No. The walk leader will have the necessary map(s). By all means bring one along if you wish. Most of us like to have some idea of where we have been and where we are going.

Are dogs allowed on walks?

Owners are advised to contact the walk leader before bringing their dog(s) along. The law says that dog owners are responsible for ensuring that their dogs are kept under control at all times, even well behaved dogs. Dogs must be kept on a lead when walking in fields containing livestock.

What do I do if I find a problem with a path?

Please fill in a problem reporting form. Copies are also available from the walk leader, the Footpath Secretary and members of the committee.


Walk magazineWhere can I find more information?

If you have any more questions about walking please visit the Ramblers web site.

If you would like more information about our group, please e-mail Pat Peacock, or phone her on 01264 351991..

Wednesday, December 12, 2018