Andover Ramblers

at the heart of walking in North West Hampshire and the Test Valley

Andover Ramblers sometimes help Hampshire County Council maintain our local footpaths.

Click on any photo to show a magnified view.

Members Richard Rippingale and Dave Clark have carried out undergrowth clearance work around a stile at the western end of Kimpton Footpath 14.

Some before and after photos showing our members' work on Vernham Dean footpath No 1.

Path clearing on Vernham Dean Restricted Byway 32:


500 meters of Restricted Byway Langparish 50 has been completely blocked by overgrown vegetation for some years. It was first reported to HCC by Andover Ramblers in September 2012. A team of 6 volunteers (Eric M, Richard R, Maureen and Phil W, Nick S and David C) from Andover Ramblers with our recently purchased brush cutter and hedge trimmer cleared the path in a morning on 21 Aug 2015.

 On 3 Sep 2015 the team cleared Chilbolton footpath 6 of nettles, brambles and branches taking some 10 man hours.

Path clearing Andover FP 48 on 25 Sep 2015 by Marilyn J, Richard R, Eric M, Roger S, Mike J and David C.

Clearing a permissive path in Abbots Ann in January 2016.

Path clearing in Barton Stacey done on 19 Feb 2016.


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